Terms & Conditions

By using the bot, especially in applications that requires information, you consent that every information taht you provide will be stored indefinitely inside our database until which asked to be removed. All the data you provide is, and will never be our liability. We will remove any that which we deem inappropriate and will handle reports accordingly. In the case of when your data is considered or reported to us as inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove it without notification nor notice.

Please expect this privacy and policy, terms and conditions to change at any moment without notice, but in general, we will always bide by the GDPR, CCPA and other regional data regulations and will assist them in any situation where we are obligated to, otherwise, all your data will be safe and secure. If you do not expect to follow this terms and conditions or do not accept our privacy policy, we are more than happy for you not to use our bot.

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