Privacy Policy

This is the official privacy and policy of the Discord bot Mana, the terms 'we', 'us', 'our' refer to the developers of Mana while the terms 'you' and 'your' will refer to the independent entities or individuals accessing or utilizing our bot while 'bot' will refer to the Discord bot itself.

Please note that any of these terms and conditions, privacy and policy may change without notice to you, the individual, and will be effective immediately upon change. By using our bot, you consent to all these terms and conditions, privacy and policy that we provide.

1-3. What data do you collect, including but not limited to personal identifying information, why do you need the data and how do you use the data?

Mana stores the identification numbers of the servers and users, in order to identify the server and user associated with our other data which involves the channels that they specify to bind Mana onto, for example, if you were to use Mana's Yuriverse feature, you'd have to set a channel where she will send messages. We also log all the domains that are suspected of scam for evaluation, no data such as user id, message id, and message content will be logged nor stored for the anti-scam feature, servers are free to opt-out of this feature at any moment. Other than that, we do not store any other data from Discord (with store being saved in the database).

4. Other than Discord the company and users of your own bot on Discord the platform, who do you share your collected data with, if anyone?

Mana shares the data with no external nor third-party entities. We completely adhere into the belief that the user's data should always be private.

5-6. How can users contact you if they have concerns about your bot or if they want to have their data removed?

All users are welcome to contact us through our support address: [email protected] where you can expect data removal to take at least 12 to 24 hours depending on the team's state at that moment.

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