Mana Network

Feel free to pick any of our plans here!

Premium for 30 days.

The normal and original version of the Premium categories, starting from 3$. This plan contains the very basic features without any discounts.

Premium for 360 days

The second category for Premium at a discounted price of 25.99$ with all the features of the two with early support additionals.

Premium for 180 days

The second category for Premium at a discounted price of 16.99$ with all the basic features but enhanced and an improved support.

What benefits can I get from purchasing Premium?

Purchasing yourself a Premium subscription not only gives you benefits but also helps us keep the bot alive and motivates us to continue on deploying new updates at a weekly pace.

The benefits you earn ranges from an increased translate character limit, a three percent boost of interest for the economy feature, unlimited usage of the waifu command with no vote-lock and three licenses keys (multiplied by the length of your subscription [180/30] multiplied by 3) to use on several different servers to remove the advertisements for waifu world and many more!

Are refunds possible, do you offer free trials?

As much as we desire to agree, we do not accept refunds nor do we offer free trials for specific reasons. All the fundings received from this subscription goes towards our server expenses and other fees such as API licenses and all the other details.

How can I redeem the license?

You may redeem the license through the redeem command on the bot, simply use redeem [license key] on any server and it will register it in an instant without making you worry!

How can I generate server tier license keys?

Generating server license keys are simple, you may use the command license which should generate a custom server license key for you that which you can use on any server, hand it to someone else if you want. To redeem the server license key, simply go to your desired server and use the redeem command which would then redeem the key on that specific server.