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Keep up the demands of the anime community by bringing their favorite images onto the server.

Invite Mana now and start bringing a plethora of flavorful images onto your servers, bookmark the images and show others the images you liked through the pandora of features that Mana has, all for no pay wall.

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Deliver what is right for both communities in the Anime world.

To each their own liking, to each their own channel.

Mana allows all servers to have separate or unified channels for the waifu and yuri community, ensuring that both communities are satisfied and are given the right image that matches their flavour whether it'd be cute girls kissing or their ideal girl.

Follow the artists you like.

The artists are the heart and brains of the art you loved, show them plenty of love.

Mana attempts to gurantee the sources of all the images that it sent with an accuracy of 92% of the sources directing to the artists' pixiv, twitter or other forms of social media. We want to give the artists more recognition and love, after all.

Become one of the many.

The choice is yours. Be among the adoptors of Mana or be among the spectators.

Mana is used by over ??? servers and ??? users.

Bask in the many features of Mana.

Actively being developed with more and more features.

  • Timely Anime Images

  • Personal Image Bookmarks

  • Hall of Fame

  • Anime Reactions

  • MangaDex Integration

  • Manga Recommendations

  • And 7 more categories.

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