Your hourly dose
of Waifu-Yuri.

Fulfill the needs of your anime community
by bringing a stable hourly dose of both Yuri
and Waifu images.

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Express yourself
better with others.

Be bolder. Be louder. Express yourself better to others, show them that you enjoy talking with them.

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Are you a fan
of nekos, kitsunes?

Mana has a wide variety of image libraries ranging from nekos, kitsunes, usagis and more!

Features of Mana.

The reasons why you should use Mana.

A wide variety of anime images.

Mana has a constantly updating library of images
ranging from waifus to even chibis and wallpapers.

Source for all images guranteed.

All the images that Mana sends will always have its
source link where it fetched the images from always
available through a button’s click.

Kitties, fluffies and memes.

Mana is able to fetch you adorable pictures of kitties,
hilarious (maybe not) memes and fluffies!

Frequent Updates & Support.

An update schedule of several times per week makes Mana
always up-to-date and ready to take on any situations.

Meet Mana. Your Partner in Crime.

a discord bot that is used constantly by 791 servers and 72.5K+ users!

Made with love by Shindou Mihou