It's time to add anime to your communities.

Is your community into anime girls or boys, wallpapers or anything anime? If so, then Mana might fit into your server nicely!


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Shindou Mihou used /waifu

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A cute anime girl

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Allows the sending of anime pictures every hour or two to a specific channel.

Includes a potential source link to all images.

Supports all kinds of anime pictures such as anime girls, yuri, kemonomimi and husband-candidates.

Allows bookmarking and liking of images, roleplaying and many more such as MangaDex and MyAnimeList!

Find Pictures That You Might Like

Mana enables users to find the anime pictures that they may like with the many commands that is integrated into the Discord bot. You can also enable Mana to send anime pictures to a channel every given interval such as every hour or two.

Yor Anime Girl @vyragami.

You May Like What The Community Likes

The Like feature of Mana allows users to take a glance at what the anime community of Mana likes. You can also add to the little bird's eye view of the community's liking by liking images that you also like.

These images are referenced from our Like system.