Mana, a multi-purpose bot.

Hello! I am Mana, your assistant for today! Here are some of my specialties.

As a professional maid… I can naturally serve your fellow guests warmly!

Not only that but I can also cosplay as many different characters,

and serve you wonderful images every hour or even quarterly.

Not to mention… I can even call my twin to help me out!

I… I can also roll discs for you! Play guitar, piano and all kinds of instruments like you never heard them before! I- I am a total professional musician!

Eeeeh… You like pets…? You mean those battle pets that you can feed and grow?! EEEEEHHHHH?! F-fine! I can take care of pets easily… they are measly pets!

That wasn’t enough to convince you…?! Whaaaaaa?! Then…. how about this!!!! What now?! Did I convince you to invite me to your party club?! Did I?

I knew I could convince you! Yay, now… take this invitation letter of mine and let me in!

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