Anime Cuteness For Discord Servers

Get a chance encounter with all your lovable anime images.

Mana is a Discord bot that allows servers to brings anime images closer to your Discord servers with features like waifu, yuri commands, timely anime image posting.

Find and Interact

Mana's features enable users to find the images and artists that they like, interact with the images and even roleplay with others with the wide list of adorable hand-picked anime GIFs to express one's action.

Timely images

Mana can be configured to send either Yuri or Waifu images to a channel at a specific interval time.

Personal Image Bookmarks

All the images that Mana sends are bookmarkable, allowing users to save the images for future reference.

Hall of Fame

You can like images that Mana sends and allow it to rise in the Hall of Fame where others can see and like as well.


React to messages or interact with others using adorable, hand-picked anime pictures using Mana's Anime Interactions feature.


All images of Mana should have at least one possible source link to give credit to the amazing artists behind them.

See what others like.

The Hall of Fame allows everyone to see what the anime community likes in terms of images.